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Are code violations “grandfathered”?

Are code violations “grandfathered”in?   First of all what are code violations?   Every city has its own rules and regulations called "building codes" that govern everything from spacing for roof trusses to the clearance in front of a toilet.   If homeowners do not comply with building codes during home projects, they become code violations. The owner may be on the hook for big fines, the cost of an expensive tear out, or be required to redo the project. &...

Date Published: May 1, 2017 | Author: Erika
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Orlando’s Organic Earth Fare

Downtown Orlando’s new Organic Earth Fare Grocery   What is Earth Fare?   Earth Fare is an organic specialty market. They plan to open the first natural-foods grocery at the southern gateway to down town Orlando on South Orange Avenue.   Crescent Communities newest Central Florida project, is called Crescent Lucerne. This 6-story project will include stores along with 375 apartments on almost 5 acres.   South Orange already has a Publix, Walmart and Sup...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Realtor Code of Ethics

Facts about the Realtor Code of Ethics The Realtor Code of Ethics is ONLY for realtors. It is not for the seller or the buyer. The buyer and seller do not have any ethical rules to follow and they can do or say whatever they want.   The Realtor Code of Ethics is the same for every realtor in every state. The guidelines come from NAR ( the National Association of Realtors) and does not vary with each realtor board or what any agents office policy is.   The Code of Et...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Orlando Solar Power Communities

Save on your Electric Bill   Orlando is right in the middle of sunny Florida. Orlando has about 250 days of sun per year! That's why Orlando's population is booming. It's the perfect place to find Orlando solar power communities.     Solar power has been slow to take off due to the political agenda of the electric companies and the high cost of installation.     As a buyers agent, it my job to know where buyers can get solar power without b...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Real Estate Politicians

Real Estate Politicians in real estate?   Real Estate Politicians are everywhere and they are no different than the politicians on TV.   In the past year I have gotten interested in politics and become aware of what a politician is.   They smile big, dress nice, and sell themselves by telling others just what they want to hear. They are masters at spinning the facts and making real problems seem unimportant.   Real Estate Politicians say whatever they n...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Orlando Real Estate Predictions 2017

Orlando Real Estate is definitely not a stagnate industry! There is always something changing, trending, or being improved. Whether it is neighborhoods, financing, procedures, regulations, disclosures, property features, or home prices. Bringing in the New Year is a time to commit to new goals, especially financial goals, like investing in Orlando Real Estate. What can buyers expect in 2017. What does the future hold for Orlando Real Estate Tight Inventory   A supply of good...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Orlando Wineries

Yes, believe or not, wine making at Orlando Wineries   Orlando wineries are scattered through Central Florida, as well as other Florida regions.  These Orlando wineries do not have wine flown in from other states to be packaged in Florida.  Grapes are actually grown with the Florida sunshine.  These wines are harvested in Florida and bottled right here in Orlando.   The most notable Orlando Wineries...   Hutchings Farm Winery, Apopka   [embed]https://yo...

Date Published: August 15, 2016 | Author: Erika
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Orlando Food Festivals

Top Orlando Food and Wine Festivals   Orlando food scene includes restaurants, food trucks, and food festivals.  These food festivals are in outdoor setting with unique foods made special for the event.  It is packed with lively entertainment and foods you may not have seen before. Try it.   Its time to get out and enjoy food in Orlando's perfect fall weather!   Epcot International Food and Wine Festival   September 14 through November 14, 2016...

Date Published: August 3, 2016 | Author: Erika
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Orlando Food Scene

Not just a Disney Town     Orlando is a growing destination for foodies.  With a popultion of 2.2 million in its metro area, and 66 million tourists annually, Orlando food scene is serving every type of cuisine throughout it's 5000 restaurants.   Top Areas for Restaurants   Restaurants are on every corner in every town and city of Orlando, but there are specific areas that have large concentration of restaurants.   Sandlakes Restaurant Row:  This...

Date Published: July 22, 2016 | Author: Erika
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Central Florida’s Psychic Capital of the World

Not anyone can live in this Psychic Town   Today a Facebook post has gone viral with the photo of ghost at recent motorcyle accident in Kentucky.  You will have an opportunity to visit some true ghostly encounters when you live in Orlando.   Many people associate Orlando with Disney, but very few know that Central Florida is also known as the Psychic Capital of the World.  Cassadaga is a small town is located in west Volusia County.  Cassadaga is right next to Deltona...

Date Published: July 18, 2016 | Author: Erika
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