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Orlando Milk District

Officially Recognized Neighborhood   Orlando Milk District was recently nomimated into the City of Orlando's Main street program. It's the programs 10th addition. The program helps communities to develop and grow their local and historic culture. As a result of this recent incorporation, the Orlando Milk District will receive $50,000 for the first year.   Orlando Milk District Beginnings   Thomas Gilbert Lee went into the dairy business after graduating from Rollins...

Date Published: May 1, 2017 | Author: Erika
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New Orlando Attractions

Top Destination in the World   Orlando is the top tourist destination in the world with 66 million tourists visiting annually!   With all the Orlando attractions that exist and all the new openings just this year, it is still not enough to keep visitors coming back.   To maintain the rank as a top attraction, parks continue to reinvent themselves. As a result, more Orlando attractions are being built, new rides added, and expansion of theme parks.   Up...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Food Delivery Sweeping Orlando

Orlando Food Delivery Options     Residents in Orlando will have any easier time getting grocery and restaurant deliveries. Orlando food delivery is expanding with many options.   Locally Walmart and Publix announced last year that they were getting into the food delivery, but now it is being offered by several vendors so that Orlando residents will have a slew of choices.     Restaurants     UberEats, using Uber taxi service, ju...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Downtown Orlando Record Sales

September was Record Breaking Sales for 32801   September had record breaking sales for the past two years. Downtown Orlando zip code 32801 sold 40 properties that month. It's almost doubled from 22 sales in August. Check out monthly sales numbers in the last 2 years. Downtown Orlando real estate is on fire!   Sold Prices Skyrocketting   Not only were the number of monthly sales the highest in September, but the median price jumped almost $100,000 since August. ...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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New Florida Disclosure

Buyers Need to Protect Themselves   A new Florida Real Estate Disclosure was just released. This time it does not have anything to do with the exact home you are buying. Instead, it has to do with process of how you pay for a home.   In a rare circumstance, the buyer may actually get money back at closing. However, most home buyers have to pay a certain amount for their down payment and closing costs to close on their new home.   Most title companies require home...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Lazy Real Estate Agents

Lazy Real Estate Agents   Many real estate agents are very hard-working, but I do think that too many are plain lazy real estate agents.   As I read some Real Estate Forums, there are some things that lazy real estate agents say and do that make me cringe.   For example:   Lazy Real Estate Agents and "as is" property   Many lazy real estate agents think that when buying a house "as is" the buyer is locked into buying the property just the way it i...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Are code violations “grandfathered”?

Are code violations “grandfathered”in?   First of all what are code violations?   Every city has its own rules and regulations called "building codes" that govern everything from spacing for roof trusses to the clearance in front of a toilet.   If homeowners do not comply with building codes during home projects, they become code violations. The owner may be on the hook for big fines, the cost of an expensive tear out, or be required to redo the project. &...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Orlando’s Organic Earth Fare

Downtown Orlando’s new Organic Earth Fare Grocery   What is Earth Fare?   Earth Fare is an organic specialty market. They plan to open the first natural-foods grocery at the southern gateway to down town Orlando on South Orange Avenue.   Crescent Communities newest Central Florida project, is called Crescent Lucerne. This 6-story project will include stores along with 375 apartments on almost 5 acres.   South Orange already has a Publix, Walmart and Sup...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Realtor Code of Ethics

Facts about the Realtor Code of Ethics The Realtor Code of Ethics is ONLY for realtors. It is not for the seller or the buyer. The buyer and seller do not have any ethical rules to follow and they can do or say whatever they want.   The Realtor Code of Ethics is the same for every realtor in every state. The guidelines come from NAR ( the National Association of Realtors) and does not vary with each realtor board or what any agents office policy is.   The Code of Et...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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Orlando Solar Power Communities

Save on your Electric Bill   Orlando is right in the middle of sunny Florida. Orlando has about 250 days of sun per year! That's why Orlando's population is booming. It's the perfect place to find Orlando solar power communities.     Solar power has been slow to take off due to the political agenda of the electric companies and the high cost of installation.     As a buyers agent, it my job to know where buyers can get solar power without b...

Date Published: | Author: Erika
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